Monday, December 7, 2009

::: Nk buat tp malas,so u buat laa tuk i Nor hazleen :::

1. You’re my SWEETEST drug!
2. I don’t need to pretend to be HAPPY, it just happens~
3. I fall deeply into your SMILE
4. Just like a child, I need you as my PILLOW
5. When I walk out, you GRAB me back
6. Tears may drop, but you’re there to WIPE it away
7. In you, I found the other part of ME
8. You’re my constant DIMPLE every time I smile
9. Each time I think of you, BUTTERFLIES tangle in my stomach
10. You stay on the phone for HOURS even though there's nothing much to say
11. When I talk, you actually LISTEN
12. When you smile each time you see my face, you make me feel BEAUTIFUL
13. You make me giggle with GIDDINESS each time you dance Para-Para Sakura
14. Sometimes, both of we are stubborn but you give in FIRST
15. You used ‘WE’ instead of ‘ME’ =)
16. In miserable, I still have YOU
17. You TOLERATE each of my childish acts
18. You have the KEY to my heart
19. Regardless all the girls in your life, I’m your GIRL
20. When I’m jealous, you keep TEASING me with sayang
21. Bubbly song keeps remind YOU of me and so do ME
22. When you say bye but STILL hang on the phone
23. You cycle at three in the morning to 7E for top-up just to CALL me
24. I can be MYSELF just the way I am
25. You MIMIC me when I wipe my nose
26. Always, you make me smile when I’m in WORST
27. Because you said you LOVE me too
28. Your fingers are FREE to make me smile
29. When your eyes shining brightly even I said you’re ITCHY!
30. Without you, I am INCONSOLABLE
31. You COMPLETE my life
32. When you say THANKS for making you laugh
33. When ‘I Love You, Tembam’ SLIP out from your mouth
34. To SOOTHE me up, suddenly you make poems
35. I’m boring, but you’re still in LOVE with me
36. You’re my DOCTOR when I’m sick
37. My heart melt, when you told me you want to be my HUBBY
38. You touched my heart with your kilang tebu MOUTH
39. You think I’m CUTE and expressed it out

40. It feels like NOBODY ever knew me before you knew me
41. Even when you say stop surf the net, you CARE
42. Even tough we may be MILES apart, I still feel you’re here by myside
43. Being a chubby PANDA makes no different to you
44. Seeing you never make me BORED
45. When you SULK, I still think you’re cute
46. Because you’re really my MIRROR
47. When you pretend to be INNOCENT
48. When you said you AFRAID I’m getting hurt
49. I’m ADDICTED towards you!
50. You asked for a HUG even just for a moment and even just trough ym
51. You HOLD me up when everything seems falling down
52. When you said you’re at a worse state, somehow, I still feel you’re at your BEST
53. For the first time in my life, YOU ask me to grab you =)
54. You invisible but somehow I know you’re still THERE
55. We fight-off but then you pretend like NOTHING happen
56. I like you because WHO you are
57. Always make me NUTS but still manage to WIN my heart
58. I love the way you smile whenever you SEE me
59. Because I’m deeply, madly in LOVE with you
60. I fall in LOVE thousands times whenever you smile like that =)
61. I’m stingy but you’re still HERE with me
62. You care for me like NO others ever did
63. When you GRAB me back after I wanted to back-off, I never erase the sms
64. You draw picture state ‘DEAR,I LOVE YOU!’
65. You look SWEET in your black baju melayu while washing dishes
66. You’re Cute, Sweet and Small..Like A Little TIKUS..Hehe
67. You replaced ‘ABANG’ with ‘Arang’ so that I won’t mad
68. I NEED you in rain and rainbows
69. When you accused me for swearing that we become ‘ONE’
70. Knowing that you will never GIVE up for me
71. Everytime you look at me, you TAKE my breath away
72. I love the way you make me LAUGH
73. When we sat and eat together over WEBBY and it feels real
74. When you SAID you’re ready to take me to Japan and cook for me~
75. When I’m alone, thinking of you and your CHILDISH acts make me smile
76. I love the way you LAUGH and smile back at me
77. You would do anything just to make me HAPPY
78. Your WORDS light up my day with so much joys
79. Whenever I SULK, you’re going to be there instantly to treat me back
80. It feels like you’re the ONE for me even in uncertainties
81. You’re my LUCKY charm and I feel lucky to have you
82. Without knowing how, WHEN or from where it comes form, I started loving you
83. You’re my SUNSHINE that glows fully with love!
84. Because we are MEANT to be together
85. My HEART keeps telling me so!
86. My HEART belongs to you till you return it back to me =)
87. You are on my heart just like a TATOO
88. When you act like we are real, STROKE my head and say ‘sakit agi perut’?
89. You want to KISS and HUG me
90. You’re the CURE against my fear and my pain
91. For each time you say you LOVE me, I love you more
92. I’m thinking of you EACH night before I go to bed
93. Stupid! Do I have to give REASONS?
94. Look at you, extremely excited over my DRUGS! Hehe*Giggles*
95. For a few moments in my LIFE you've made me feel as if I truly meant something to someone
96. Once upon a time, I fell for you, I don’t know WHEN but I still love you
97. I’m JEALOUS with you, always =P
98. When you HURT, I feel it too
99. I feel SAFE and sound with you
101. I want to SPEND my whole life with you!!

Macam mana nak buat??

1. Taip 101 alasan dalam Words
2. Print out dalam 5 helai kertas yang berbeza warna (ikut suka, kalau nak lebih pun boleh)
3. Beli softgel capsules (50pcs dlm RM2.50) dekat mana-mana farmasi
4. Gunting alasan-alasan tu lepas tu gulung comel-comel
5. Masukkan dalam capsules
6. Cari botol kaca (botol mayonis paling okey)
7. Design cover luar (rujuk botol ubat)
8. Tampal cover depan botol kaca tu
9. Masukkan semua capsules tadi

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